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 Patent Strategy

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FROM PATENT TO PROFIT Patents and patent strategies are increasingly pertinent to the success of information age businesses, from affecting valuations to gaining tax advantages to increasing the starting price per share when taking a company public. Patent Strategy illustrates the impact patents can have on technology-driven businesses´ tactical and strategic efforts. Here is step-by-step guidance to the patent process, the laws, and basic strategies-from a business-goal perspective-so that middle and upper-level managers can recognize the significance of patents in relation to a particular business and can incorporate proper patent management efforts into their business framework. In addition, this book serves as an invaluable reference for management and executives when making patent-related decisions such as whether a patent infringement study must be performed; whether the budget for patent matters should be increased or decreased; whether attempts should be made to license certain patent technology; and whether the firm should sue for patent infringement. * Case studies throughout the book give you a specific business context within which to consider the concepts introduced * Statistics are presented to assist you in assessing various issues, planning patent strategies, and implementing patent management programs

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